The National Campaign for Public School Improvement says that since approximately 80 percent of your children’s time is spent outside the school, the role a parent plays is critical in any systematic plan to improve their education. This means not only attending PTA meetings and getting to know your children’s teachers and principal, but actively working with your children. Parental involvement can be used to accelerate a child’s learning as well as to help in the development of a long-lasting and positive attitude towards success in school. You are your children’s first and most important teacher. If you show them that you value education, the chances are that your children will, too. But there’s so much to do. Where do you begin?


If sometimes as a parent you feel frustrated, you are not alone. Many parents feel the same way. Not only is it important to keep up with what is going on in school, with your children’s teachers and with outside influences… but you may also need to help your children to prepare for the critical state standardized tests they will be required to pass in order to be promoted to the next grade.

Many concerned teachers believe that parental involvement is critical to the formation of good study habits, and a critical component to success in school. Being involved as a parent may take the form of keeping the A student motivated, of helping the B student improve, or of giving the struggling C or D student the self-esteem to try a little harder. As they progress, it is so important that our children develop a love of learning; we want to ensure that they maintain the grades that can make the difference between just working for minimum wage and going to college between a future that involves just “doing a job” and having a profession they love.

It all begins at home. It all begins with you.